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Becoming attached to a puppy only to find you cannot give it a good home is a heart-wrenching experience. We can help you ensure that you’ve found your perfect match. So you can enjoy unconditional love without all the stress.
Download below “Five Things To Think About Before You Adopt A Puppy.”

Trying to train a puppy who doesn’t listen is just plain stressful. But it doesn’t need to be. Sign up for our educational emails. We will give you easy-to-understand steps to train your puppy. So you can enjoy a well-mannered puppy without all the stress!

Our Adoption Process



Pick Out A Puppy

Choose a puppy that would be a good fit for you and your family. 



Reserve Your Puppy

Contact us with any questions you may have and then place your deposit on your future companion.


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Take Your Puppy Home

Arrange a pickup date and ask about our delivery options. The day you pick up is the day a new meaning of Joy begins.

A Little About Us

Here at Prestige Pets, we are dedicated to making your dreams come true by producing your new best friend for many years to come. We do this by only breeding the best health-tested parents, making sure they have the correct food to meet their nutritional needs, and putting in many hours of hard work from the moment they’re in mum’s belly to the day they start their new adventure.

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Some of our Happy Customers

Patrice Carney
Patrice Carney
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Here is a picture of Mia. She is having so much fun with her fur-siblings and going to the park and or a walk every day! She keeps everyone hopping and bopping with her antics and high energy zooming around the house! She is adorable and such a great addition to our fur and feathered family.
Liz Poulin
Liz Poulin
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Our little Max is adjusting well to his new home!!! He is so smart!
Jessie Wong
Jessie Wong
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We just our new puppy and he is wonderful, He just got a clean bill of health from our vet.

Why Choose Prestige Pets

  • Committted

    Our family is as committed to the care of our adults and puppies as you can be. We spend 365 days a year taking care of and spending time with each other and our dogs.

  • Safe Enviroment

    Our breeding program was established in 2012. With over 10 years of experience, we have gathered so much helpful information and we are happy to pass that on directly to you.

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  • Customer Service

    We do our best to answer all calls, emails, texts, and messages in a timely manner. We are as flexible as possible when it comes to appointments and we communicate with you through the process.

  • High Standard Of Care

    We spend each and every day upholding our standards of care. We have very high standards for ourselves to be sure everything is taken care of the way we believe is best for the dogs and our customers.